The National:

WE love a good laugh at Tory hypocrisy and incompetence as much as anyone else, but we tend to keep ourselves safe while doing so.

Spare a thought then for Roseanna Cunningham, who while laughing at, or perhaps through over-zealously gesticulating towards, the Scottish Tories managed to fall off her chair.

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During his response to Derek Mackay's Budget statement, Fraser – who is certainly no stranger to making a fool of himself, both online and in Parliament – turned his attention to Andy Wightman.

Fraser, who hates our continued exposing of Union Jackery and who once sparked anger by telling the Kirk to keep out of politics, referenced the Green MSP's book, Who Owns Scotland, in some weak-sauce attempt at mocking his party for reaching a deal with the SNP.

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Who would have thought it, eh? Opposing parties within a modern Parliament working together to achieve consensus on an issue. It'll never catch on...

Unfortunately for the Tory finance spokesman, the joke was on him as SNP MSPs responded by pointing at the Scottish Conservative benches which are full of land-owning, multi-millionaires.

Luckily, the Scottish Government Environment Secretary came through the incident unscathed. Well, perhaps other than a sore jaw from laughing too much...