AS the Westminster circus continues, Scotland and the UK remain in a state of flux as the they await the final Brexit decision. However the people of Scotland have another choice as they did not vote for Brexit, yet will be dragged out of Europe by a Tory government they did not vote for.

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I quote Ian Blackford, the Westminster SNP leader: “We might not be able to save the UK, but we can save Scotland”. He went on to say amid cries of derision from the Westminster establishment rabble: “We have an escape route from the chaos of Brexit, an independent Scotland. Scottish independence will result in our country being a destination in Europe, a country at the heart of Europe, while the rest of the UK turns inward, isolated from its European neighbours”.

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Since the Brexit disaster has certainly brought about “changed circumstances”, indyref 2 will go ahead. Independence is an active ongoing state of mind that will change the nation for the betterment of all who live, work and love Scotland.

Grant Frazer