The National:

WE'RE all aware that, in a more symbolic sense, the Tories have entirely ignored Scotland's voice on Brexit.

What's important to note, though, is the more practical measures they also take.

At Prime Minister's Questions today, the extent to which the Tories tried to shout down the SNP was especially clear.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford was questioning Prime Minister Theresa May on the contradictions in her Brexit proposals, asking whether she was inadvertently misleading the House, or if her government had reached new levels of incompetence.

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May had concluded her first response with a reference to a remark by Blackford the previous day: "I want to confirm absolutely the commitment of this Government to the Belfast/Good Friday agreement, and the remarks that he made last night in relation to that were frankly irresponsible."

The SNP MP stood to ask his follow-up, beginning: "The only thing that is irresponsible are the actions of this Prime Minister."

That's where he had to stop, as the Tory braying grew and grew. It caught Speaker John Bercow's ear, and he issued a stern rebuke.

Bercow hit out at the Tories, saying: "The Right Honourable Gentleman has a right to be heard, the public would expect him to be heard, and he will be heard. And attempts to shout him down are not just rude, they are irresponsible, they are undemocratic, and they should certainly not have the sanction of anyone who sits on the Treasury bench.

"Stop it! It’s low-grade, it’s useless, and it won’t work."

Tories being rude, irresponsible and undemocratic in response to a Scottish politician ... our apologies for not being shocked.

It didn't end there, however. The Tories continued, and Bercow had to intervene once again.

Blackford continued: "That was a graceless response from the Prime Minister, who is acting with sheer irresponsibility. What she demonstrated in that answer was, 'Here are my principles. If you don’t like them, you can have some more.'

"Last night, a majority of Scottish MPs rejected Brexit. The Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly..."

At the mention of devolved assemblies, it all got a bit too much for the Tories, and the jeering became too loud for the Speaker's liking.

Bercow intervened again: "Stop it. It’s utterly irresponsible, chanting in the background – let the Right Honourable Gentleman ask his question and the prime minister answer it. That is what the public would expect."

Yesterday, Theresa May walked out of the House of Commons before Blackford responded to her plan B on Brexit – and that was nothing new.

Today, her MPs attempted to shout down any attempt from him to represent Scotland's majority voice in Westminster.

It's a pattern we're familiar with, but Brexit is making it more and more obvious.

The "Mother of Parliaments", meanwhile, continues to embarrass itself with this archaic conduct.

We can do so much better than this.