The National:

THE contempt for Scotland's democracy held by some English MPs is no great secret.

One of the most blatant examples even just last year saw a Tory MP shouting "suicide" at SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

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These Tory jeers whenever the SNP talk about Scotland are also revealing.

So, when we saw people suggesting there had been another very blatant example of this, we had to listen for ourselves. Blackford was speaking in the debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill in the House of Commons.

In one part of his speech, he was addressing calls from the Tories for the SNP to drop their policy of independence for Scotland.

Blackford said: "Even last week during Prime Minister’s questions, the Prime Minister tried to tell me to drop the SNP policy of independence, yet in June 2017 the leader of the Scottish Tories, Ruth Davidson, said: Let me be clear: nobody, not me, not anyone, is expecting the SNP to give up on independence.

"That’s what it believes in & it’s a perfectly honourable position to take. Mr Speaker, a perfectly honourable position to take."

Listen out for that line – because it's right after he says it that there appears to be a heckle. Here's the video (skip to around 00:30 for the key 10 seconds):

Hear anything a little out of the ordinary?

After the SNP MP repeats "it is a perfectly honourable position to take", someone can be heard saying what sounds like "f*ck off".

It was Twitter user @zeebeving's video that brought it to our attention.

Prior record would suggest that this came from one of those on the Tory benches – and if this is their response to the SNP refusing to give up backing for independence, it really is tragic. Of course, it may not be a Tory MP heard in the clip. 

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Just after this, however, Blackford said: "Whatever turmoil and hardship this Tory Government try to drag our nation through, Scotland will and must have the right to determine its own future and to choose to be an independent nation within the European Union.

"I can see Members shaking their heads. They are shaking their heads because they are running scared. Like the ​Prime Minister, they fear they would lose an independence referendum."

It seems like the Tories were riled.

Can you hear someone swearing at Blackford? Do you think it was a Tory MP?