WATCH: Ross Greer wrecks Piers Morgan over 'white supremacist' Churchill claim

Look, we never should have expected for a second that Piers Morgan had any interest in listening to Green MSP Ross Greer after challenging him to a debate.

The latest thing to trigger the delicate Mr Morgan was the content of a tweet from Green MSP, and occasional National columnist, Ross Greer.

The tweet in question saw Greer place hand-clapping emojis between each word – an offence we’ll deal with another time – while claiming that Winston Churchill was a “white supremacist mass murderer”.

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Piers challenged the young MSP to a debate on Good Morning Britain which he hosts, and to his surprise, Ross accepted. Though not before he took a swing at the Green MSP for being ginger. Clearly, despite probably having a six-foot-tall oil painting of Churchill in his bedroom, Piers Morgan wasn't aware that Churchill was also ginger...

So what did we get for all Ross Greer's troubles?

Ross made some relevant points about the old wartime leader, while Piers Morgan snivveled about how offensive he found it all. No doubt he'll be back to accusing others of being snowflakes any moment now.

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Though, it was enjoyable to watch Mr Morgan have a short rant to himself over something nobody said, after mishearing Ross.

Just goes to show, he never had much intention of listening from the start.