ROSS Greer's assertion that Winston Churchill was both a war criminal and a white supremacist are both accurate.

When he was a young man in Sudan he bragged he had personally killed three "savages". Whilst a correspondent during the Boer War is he was an enthusiastic supporter of the first British-built concentration camps. The death toll in these camps was 28,000.

As Colonial Secretary he wanted to drop poison gas on the Kurds and he unleashed the Black and Tans on Ireland.

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In 1943 a famine broke out in Bengal. This was caused by British Imperial policies. The Secretary of State for India sent a telegram to Churchill asking for food stocks to relive the famine. Churchill's reply was "if food is so scarce why isn't Ghandi dead?" Eventually three million Indians died through starvation. Churchill was asked in 1944 why he had not helped. His answer was to say "Relief would do no good. Indians breed like rabbits and will outstrip any available food supply.”

Churchill was an early zealous supporter of Mussolini. When he got back into office in 1951, he prosecuted a vicious war against the Mau Maus. Torture including castration was routine.

Churchill's sadism, and brutality are ignored by historians. However, this official silence is more than just to cover up the crimes of Churchill. These are the crimes of the British Empire which are not spoken about due to political correctness. Ross Greer has broken the silence.

Alan Hinnrichs

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