The National:

FOR a man constantly going on about the “snowflake generation”, Piers Morgan really does seem to get offended a lot.

If he’s not complaining about a bakery moving with the times and catering to the needs of different dietary requirements by providing a vegan sausage roll, he’s having a tantrum about the marketing campaign of a razor blade company.

All the important stuff.

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If we didn’t know any better, the man who claims that millennials are the “most mollycoddled generation in history” is really just crying for help. He just needs a safe space to retreat to where someone can give him a hug.

And for a man who also complains that millennials are “on their phones all day” and that “all they want to do is post Instagram pictures after 18 filters”, which doesn’t make any sense, he really does spend a lot of time on his phone sending tweets designed to whip up a frenzy so that more people will tune into his morning TV show for the fallout.

The latest thing to trigger the delicate Mr Morgan is the content of a tweet from Green MSP, and occasional National columnist, Ross Greer.

The tweet in question sees Greer place hand-clapping emojis between each word – an offence we’ll deal with another time – while claiming that Winston Churchill was a “white supremacist mass murderer”.

Morgan’s measured response was to call the Green MSP “a thick ginger turd” and to claim that Greer would be “spewing this filth in German if it wasn’t for Churchill”.

We’re not sure where to begin with that to be honest...

Luckily, Greer had the perfect response. He told The Jouker: "I'm shedding a little light on the real, verified history of Churchill, the one known throughout much of the world.

"It’s no surprise Piers Morgan is uncomfortable with that, his knowledge of Churchill is so non-existent he’s clearly not even aware the guy had ginger hair as well.”

True to form, the delicate Good Morning Britain host has since offered Greer on to his show. Repeating the completely uncalled for slur.

It's almost as if Morgan's rage is manufactured and self-serving...