OUR latest edition of our Wee Ginger Dugcast features a very special guest.

SNP MP Mhairi Black joined our editor Callum Baird, columnist Paul Kavanagh and the Wee Ginger Dug himself to talk politics, independence and behind-the-scenes at Westminster.

Black speaks about seeing the shambles of House of Commons up-close, with some perfect examples of why Westminster is such a mess.

She also sets out why Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been found out.

Black explains: "Jeremy Corbyn's been found out. That's what's happened over this whole issue. This is a guy who spent 30 years saying the right things, voting the right way, but the minute he got into the position to actually change things, he started flip flopping on everything.

"Remember, he didn't have a women in his cabinet initally, he had unelected lords, it's just been shambolic – and I'm saying as somebody has a mountain of respect for the guy personally, I get on with him great, but politically, he's just been found out.

"Here he is, he's meant to be the leader of the opposition ... that carry on before Christmas with the vote of no confidence, that got me really angry, because when they were spinning this line of 'oh no, we're waiting for the perfect opportunity', they were actively misleading people. There is no such thing as a perfect opportunity, there is no limit to how many votes of no confidence you can have.

"What changed? What was the point of waiting?"

We'll be releasing our next Wee Ginger Dugcast at the same time next week!

PS. Our apologies for some background noise at the beginning – we have a documentary crew in the office who were doing some filming, and Ginger demanded his time in the spotlight!