The National:

QUESTION Time is live from Winchester in England tonight, and we now know who will be appearing.

Once again, it has left claims of there being no formula in choosing the panellists looking rather doubtful.

With SNP MP Kirsty Blackman appearing last week, it's back to old habits now – and the next time we see a Scottish politician is likely to be when the show comes to Motherwell on February 7.

For now though, here's you can expect to see host Fiona Bruce dealing with tonight

We have:

  • Suella Braverman, Tory MP for Fareham who quit her role as Brexit minister over Theresa May's deal
  • John Healey, Labour MP for Wentworth and Dearne and shadow housing secretary
  • Sonia Sodha, The Observer's chief leader writer and a former advisor to Ed Miliband
  • Nick Ferrari, LBC radio presenter and Sunday Express columnist who has previously worked for The Sun and The Mirror.
  • Iain Anderson, executive chairman of communications agency Cicero Group, ambassador for LGBT charity stonewall and part of the team behind Tory MP Ken Clarke's leadership bid.

This comes on the day that the SNP hits out at Question Time over its policies for selecting guests.

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The party's head of broadcast media, Erik Geddes, writing in The National, said: "In the SNP we have deep concerns over the fairness of representation of Question Time panels.

"Question Time claims that there isn’t a formula for selecting the panel. Yet week after week on the panel there is: one (sometimes two) Tory politician(s); a Labour politician; a hard-right Brexiteer; a leftish/alternative commentator; and someone else.

"Now the SNP may be the third-biggest party at Westminster, the second-biggest party in the UK by membership and the party of government in Scotland for nearly 12 years, but we only get occasional slots in the 'someone else' seat."

We have a Tory politician in Suella Braverman. We have a Labour politician in John Healey.

Nick Ferrari isn't quite a hard-right Brexiteer, but he is a Brexiteer. And Braverman somewhat makes up for that, having said the dangers of a no-deal Brexit are "overblown" by remainers.

We have the leftish/alternative commentator in Sonia Sodha, and the "someone else" is Iain Anderson.

Surely a coincidence that the formula fits, once again...