The National:

SCOTTISH LibDem leader Willie Rennie's latest attempt to criticise the First Minister really didn't work out as he'd planned.

After Nicola Sturgeon's Brexit meeting with Theresa May last night, she spoke to reporters outside 10 Downing Street.

In one of the clips, the First Minister talks about May's refusal to compromise on her red lines, instead trying to keep the DUP and hard-line Brexiteers on her side.

One reporter tweeted out part of an interview, along with the quote: "There wasn't much indication that the Prime Minister is listening to or hearing the concerns of people in Scotland."

There it is, Rennie must have thought. Nicola Sturgeon, only thinking about independence and Scotland once again!

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He replied to the tweet: "We’re not being picked on @NicolaSturgeon – @theresa_may is ignoring millions of people across the UK, not just Scotland."

Unfortunately, the LibDem leader doesn't seem to have bothered to watch the clip.

If he had, he would have noticed Sturgeon saying: “To be frank, there wasn’t much indication that the Prime Minister is listening to or hearing the concerns of people in Scotland, and no doubt across the UK, about trade and the economy and population."

Yes, she quite literally says "and no doubt across the UK". Apparently too eager to try to score some quick political points, Rennie read the Tweet and didn't bother with 50-second clip.

It probably shouldn't have surprised him too greatly that the First Minister of Scotland would first raise the issue of Scotland's treatment.

Theresa May is ignoring Scotland on an entirely different level. Scotland voted to remain in the EU, Scotland voted to refuse consent for the UK's EU Withdrawal Bill and it's Scotland that is the victim of a blatant power grab by the UK.

Rather than embarrassing himself by rushing to accuse the First Minister of things she didn't even do, perhaps he should have noted that – through independence – we have another option to escape the devastating Brexit he so opposes.

We won't get our hopes up.

Perhaps Willie Rennie was just too busy staging his latest elaborate photo op to bother watching a 50-second video?