FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon told Theresa May that what the people of Scotland need is more important than what she wants, as she spoke after a meeting in No 10 between the two leaders.

On the day of a key Brexit meeting between the two leaders, Sturgeon has amped up talk of a second independence referendum.

Responding to a question from Scottish Tory MP Stephen Kerr at Prime Minister's Questions, May criticised the SNP for its support of indyref2.

Speaking after the Downing St meeting, Sturgeon said: “I think the Prime Minister fears that she would lose another Scottish independence referendum, so she’s running scared of the verdict of the people.

“It’s probably the same reason why she doesn’t want another EU referendum. People who are confident in their arguments don’t run away from the verdict of the people.

“I think people in Scotland are probably getting sick and tired of hearing what the Prime Minister wants. What the Prime Minister wants is not the most important thing here. What Scotland needs is what matters most.

“Brexit is demonstrating on a daily basis, right now, that Scotland needs the ability to take our own decisions so that we’re not dragged down the wrong path by Tory ideologues and we don’t constantly face the prospect of having policies imposed by Westminster governments that we didn’t vote for.

“So I do think what Scotland needs is far more important than what the Prime Minister might want for her own narrow political interests.”

The First Minister also criticised May for prioritising winning the support of the DUP and "hardline Brexiteers" over compromise with others, and argued May was ignoring the concerns of the people of Scotland.

Sturgeon said: “To be frank, there wasn’t much indication that the Prime Minister is listening to or hearing the concerns of people in Scotland, and no doubt across the UK, about trade and the economy and population.

“There’s no real sign of any willingness to compromise on the red lines that have so constrained the position she finds herself in.

“It seems to me that her priority is trying to win support from the DUP and the hardline Brexiteers in her own party, rather than genuinely trying to compromise to bring others on side. And that strikes me as a course of action that is destined to fail.

“I remain really concerned that we’re in a position now that we need to be seeking an extension of article 50, otherwise that no-deal cliff edge gets ever closer.”

Sturgeon dismissed calls by ERG leader Jacob Rees-Mogg to suspend or prorogue Parliament to prevent a no-deal Brexit as "laughable".

She said: "If it wasn't so serious it would be utterly laughable.

"These are the same people of course who campaigned for Brexit on the basis it was taking back control for the UK Parliament and at the first whiff of Parliament actually exerting control they want Parliament, it sounds to me, pretty much abolished.

"Jacob Rees-Mogg and Co don't seem to care too much for democracy, and what worries me after the discussion with the Prime Minister is it's those people she's putting all of her efforts into trying to persuade, rather than trying to build a compromise with more reasonable voices."