SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC said a decision must be made "very soon" on a second independence referendum – even if a Brexit deal is agreed.

Cherry stressed that unless there is an extension of Article 50 or a People's Vote, Scotland was not far from having to decide on whether it will remain in the UK.

If a deal was made, then there would have to be a decision on indyref2 during the transition period, she said – and if there was no deal, then the same would apply, but without that cushion.

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The MP tweeted: "If there’s a #Brexit deal, during the transition period Scotland will require to decide whether our social, political & economic future lies within a market of 500 million or 60 million & in a union of equal partners or unequal partners #nobrainer #indyref2

"If there’s #NoDeal #Scotland will require to make the same decision albeit without the cushion of a transition period. Either way if no extension of #Art50, no #PeoplesVote these issues will require to be addressed very soon"

Her comments came amid increased focus on the possibility of a second independence referendum.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she will set out her plans on the timing of a new vote in "a matter of weeks".

Scottish Tory MP Stephen Kerr raised the matter at Prime Minister's Questions, with Sturgeon later hitting back at May's response.

May had said: "Scotland held a referendum in 2014 – it was legal, it was fair, it was decisive and the people clearly voted for Scotland to remain part of the UK.

"But more than that, at the last General Election the people of Scotland again sent a very clear message that they do not want a second divisive referendum. But the SNP sadly are out of touch with the people of Scotland and they haven't yet heard that message. The last thing we want is a second independence referendum – the UK should be pulling together, not being driven apart."

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The First Minister responded to May's remarks ahead of a meeting at No 10.

Sturgeon said: "Theresa May fears she would lose an independence referendum and is clearly running scared of the verdict of the Scottish people – who must be sick and tired of being told what the Prime Minister wants.

“Frankly, what Scotland needs is much more important than what the Prime Minister wants. On a daily basis, Brexit is illustrating this fundamental point – Scotland needs the power to take our own decisions. That’s the only way to stop Tory ideologues driving us to disaster and Westminster governments imposing polices we didn’t vote for.

“The mandate to give the people of Scotland a choice over their future is cast-iron. A majority of MSPs and Scottish MPs returned at the last two general elections support holding an independence referendum in the circumstances in which we now find ourselves.

“The SNP believe that the people of Scotland should be in charge of their own future – not live at the whim and diktat of a hardline, inflexible Tory unionist cabal.”