I AM advised that EU citizens can from this week apply for the right to continue to reside in Scotland. I am an EU citizen and my children and most of my grandchildren were born in Glasgow. The country to which I belong wishes to remain in the European Union. The Home Office, to which I am required to apply, is essentially the Ministry of Internal Affairs for England but somehow has powers over wee subservient bits like Wales and Scotland.

What are the chances of my being permitted, as a European citizen, to stay with my family in North Britain when I declare that my grandfather came from Ballymena and my grandchildren have variously French, Lancastrian, Ayrshire, Highland, Welsh, and Native American blood?

Why should I be grateful for the waiver of a £65 fee for the doubtful privilege of being allowed to stay in my home by the Government of Southern Britain? Why should I be any different from my fellow European citizens?

KM Campbell