The National:

OUTLANDER has become a global phenomenon – but has any show really made it into pop culture canon if it hasn't been referenced in The Simpsons?

Well, it has now, and the stars of the show were over the moon about it all.

Season three, episode eight, Krusty The clown, sees Lisa and Homer becoming TV recappers.

Krusty becomes enraged by a B- review from Homer for his show, and gets himself in trouble trying to run Homer off the road.

Eventually, the clown ends up in front of a jury, but it's Homer's review of Outlander that saves him from prison.

"It was justifiable homicide", "he gave Outlander a b-minus", "that show knows what it wants to be – come on!" say the jury.

And the judge rules: "I've heard that gets really good about eight episodes in. Krusty, you're free to go."

Outlander stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan tweeted out their excitement at the nod, with the latter sharing a clip.

Balfe added: Whaaaaaaaaaaat???????? HOOOmer M G ..!!!! Well I can now die happy!"

It wasn't just the actors who loved this episode though. While The Simpsons has been accused of losing its touch in recent seasons, this episode was lauded by critics.

One Twitter user even posted a Simpsons version of their characters, Claire and Jamie.

And others were in unanimous agreement – this confirmed, if it was in any doubt, that Outlander really had made it.










Maybe Outlander could return the favour and give The Simpsons a cameo?