VEGANS in Glasgow have been rocked by rumours of a carnivore-led vendetta against Greggs brand new meat-free sausage roll.

According to the Vegan Glasgow Facebook page, every morning, two mystery people were heading into one of the bakeries, buying up all the plant-based pastries and then promptly dumping them in the bin.

In a post on the page, the group said: “A man and woman who go into Greggs at Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow every day in the morning and buy 40 vegan sausage rolls and put them ALL in the bin!

“Apparently Greggs staff are not allowed to refuse to serve them! What a waste!”

The claims provoked fury from followers.

Hannah June Simpson said: “This is shocking, we get that some people are fully against veganism but to go to an extreme like this with so many homeless out there freezing and starving?”

Lisa Graef agreed: “People are willingly buying and throwing good food in the bin, because they are that much against veganism?”.

But Tony Bergna questioned the cries from those asking for the rolls to be given to people on the streets. “They’re vile anyway, I doubt even the homeless would eat them.”

Jack Burns suspected ulterior motives: “This is clearly a conspiracy manufactured by the vegans and blaming the normal food eaters to start a war #theywouldkillusbutnottheanimals”

However, Greggs told The National that the claims were Quorn filled pie in the sky.

A spokeswoman told the National “We’ve seen no evidence of this happening in our shops and believe it’s just a rumour.”