I WAS lucky to get a ticket for the Yes Stirling event on Saturday, at which Philippa Whitford MP spoke chillingly of the effects of Brexit on Scotland. Perhaps the most worrying was her timely reminder of the serious and imminent consequences for Scotland of the power grab, in particular the power over public procurement. Brexit has brought Westminster to a shocking and distracting state of affairs. This has obscured or diluted the significance to Scotland of the power grab.

Our NHS in Scotland has been shielded from the rampant privatisation that has devastated the NHS in England. After March 29, as a result of the hijacking of procurement powers, it is very likely that Westminster will crash through that protection and allow Virgin, Tesco, Uncle Tom Cobley, and probably even Trump to buy and run down your local GP surgery, hospital or clinic.

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If you think seeing your own GP or nurse is difficult now, just wait.

From the early noughties, as a GP I watched in horror and pity a continued divergence between our respective NHSs. There has been a steady decline in standards, staffing and performance south of the border. NHS Scotland, protected from private greed, performs far better, believe me. That is all likely to change with Brexit.

Be warned. Tell your friends and neighbours. And join NHSforYES.

Nick Edmunds