TOMMY Robinson was accused of using a “co-ordinated” gang to block the fire exits at an SNP MP’s constituency surgery.

The far-right thug was in Glasgow last Friday in a bid to challenge Stewart McDonald.

It’s been revealed that one of the men accompanying the EDL founder was Daniel Thomas, a father-of-four jailed in 2016 for attempted armed kidnapping.

McDonald told the Times that Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon, and Thomas and a “a small gang of men” turned up in a people carrier at the city’s Pollokshaws Library and “proceeded to cover all exits from the building.”

Yaxley-Lennon broadcast the confrontation live on his social media, alerting local supporters to his presence, and bolstering numbers.

One woman claimed to have driven from East Kilbride for a picture with him, while another man, who lived close to the library, said he was a member of Lega, the Italian far-right party.

In a letter to this paper, a constituent of McDonald’s who’d been attending the surgery as Yaxley-Lennon arrived, praised the actions of Police Scotland and his MP.

Adrian Fletcher said there was no doubt whatsoever that McDonald “did exactly the right thing and acted to protect his constituents from a potentially dangerous extremist with a history of criminal thuggery.”

He added: ”Members of the public are entitled to visit their elected representatives’ surgeries without fear or intimidation, and I for one applaud Stewart McDonald’s actions in this regard.”

Last year McDonald raised a point of order in the House of Commons calling Robinson a “violent, racist thug and fraudster” after he was spotted having lunch at Westminster.

Robinson says has never been arrested or convicted of any hate speech, incitement or racial charges.

“Im fed up of these lies being spread about me so I decided to speak to him in an open meeting,” Robinson wrote on Facebook. “Mr McDonald called the police and hid from me rather than asking questions. I was thankful for the many members of his constituency that showed us support.”

Thomas, also known as Tommo, was jailed two years ago after he was involved in an attempt to kidnap a man in Hampshire.

In July 2016, a judge condemned Thomas and two other men for an “extraordinarily frightening incident” matched only by its “stupidity” as they’d inadvertently targeted the wrong person.

After they fled they then apologised to their victim by Facebook message.

Meanwhile, Yaxley-Lennon could find himself being sued by a 16-year-old Syrian boy he wrongly accused of hitting “English girls”.

Footage of the refugee being pushed to the ground and covered in water went viral and was watched millions of times, attracting widespread condemnation.

But Yaxley-Lennon claimed on Facebook that the boy, known only as Jamal, had previously attacked three schoolgirls and a boy.

The anti-Islam activist later admitted he had been duped. “I have been completely had, how embarrassing, man,” he said.

Jamal’s lawyers are crowdfunding to raise £10,000 to to take legal action against both Yaxley-Lennon and Facebook.