THE call by a senior civil servant for preparation for a General Election on February 28 should serve as a wake-up call to us all (UK ‘may be on the brink of General Election’, January 19).

In the event, it is extremely unlikely that Jeremy Corbyn would win a majority, and we would again have Theresa May in place with just a month to go to Brexit day. She would use this month to press home her Plan A, blackmailing parliament into accepting it rather than no-deal.

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If this election happens, independence supporters should campaign vigorously to put as many SNP MPs into Westminster as possible.

They must have the support of all independence supporters including those who support Brexit. We may not get 55 seats again, but we have to make this a vote for independence and go for the Margaret Thatcher option.

In 2017 the British nationalist parties were allowed to make it a “No to Indy” election. This must be a “Yes to Indy” election.

Robert Mitchell