THERESA May promotes herself as the champion of democracy by supporting the Leave vote. The first thing she should be reminded of is that the UK is a parliamentary democracy not a presidential democracy.

Therefore, she should be supporting the will of Parliament and not an advisory referendum which won with the votes of only 37.44% of the registered electorate.

Her selective amnesia does not acknowledge the lies that swayed the election in favour of Leave. For example, net financial contribution to the EU, the non-existent invasion by 80 million Turkish people or how Eastern Europeans are taking our jobs, plus many other misleading quotes by the Leave campaign. It is ironic that the Trade Secretary is attempting to roll-over to the UK 40 trade deals on current EU terms (which Leavers including Mr Fox are trying to ditch) with countries which we already trade with because the EU has made deals on our behalf. The “House of Cards” had nothing on this lot. Reality is more bizarre than fiction.

It is time for the PM to level with the electorate that leaving the EU will not see an end to austerity.

Leaving the EU will continue austerity for at least five years and perhaps much longer. Is no-one reading the signals of the weak pound (already increasing prices in shops), fund managers moving billions to Luxembourg and Dublin, vehicle manufacturing moving to Eastern Europe and warnings from Japanese manufacturers that they invested in the UK to gain access to the single market?

Time to withdraw the Article 50 Notice, Mrs May, before you do any more damage.

Mike Underwood