THE Edinburgh Remakery in Leith has a vision – to create an alternative to the disposable society by making “repair education” accessible to everyone, building a stronger, waste-free community and supporting the city’s vulnerable people.

It was founded in 2011 and has become a social enterprise hub for re-used computer technology and furniture.

Chief executive, Rob Gallagher, who has been with the company for a year, said he had a steep learning curve.

“We’ve got a high-density urban landscape in Edinburgh, high-density population and also quite a transient population, so waste is actually quite a challenge for the city.

“But you’ve also got a real will and a collective belief that Edinburgh is leading the way in how to re-use, think and how we dispose of waste.

“For example, we work in partnership with Freshstart and Social Bite and others where we’ve been able to take unused furniture, electronics, equipment or things that are no longer needed and pass them on to people who are in need.

He added: “There’s also a collective will among everyone involved to significantly reduce waste and give things a longer life and be used more appropriately for longer.”