IT was SNP depute leader Keith Brown who told the Now Is the Time demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament on Thursday that you don’t need to hear the starting gun to campaign for independence.

That’s why the latest offer from Lindsay Bruce of could be very timely indeed. Many Yes groups across the country have availed themselves of Bruce’s Indy Kit but now are offering a new and improved BIG Indy Kit.

Yes groups buying the BIG kit will get a whopping 40kg shipment of pro-independence materials specifically designed for Yes groups, including 36 brand new Yes flags, 1000 new Yes stickers, and 50 new Yes car window stickers

There’s a plethora of leaflet – 1500 leaflets on pensions, designed by Colin Dunn; 1000 leaflets on currency; 1000 leaflets on the Scottish Economy; 1000 Keep Scotland the Brand leaflets; 1000 leaflets on voter registration from European Union Citizens for Independence (EUCIS); 500 EUCIS leaflets on voter registration in Polish; 100 Scottish Voter registration forms.

In addition you get 1000 National Yes Registry IndyApp flyers; 1000 iScot magazine flyers; 600 Scottish Tax Fact Check leaflets; 300 Newsnet flyers and 100 Scottish Independence Foundation funding leaflets

Bruce said: “This gigantic pro-independence campaign kit was crowdfunded for and co-funded by the Scottish Independence Foundation. It is available for just £54 and we’ve lifted the two kit restriction.”