MAYHEM! That is what Britain has experienced since June 2016. We have had the unnerving spectacle of our dancing queen, Teflon Theresa, squirming, misleading and lying her way to complete chaos, yet holding on to her job and house at 10 Downing Street. Aided by the most ineffective opposition in recent time, she has been allowed to make the UK public a laughing stock in the world of politics.

“The British people were sold a lie,” says French President Macron. Most of us have know this for some time. The Irish question was never highlighted, opposition proposals never read, and hundreds of thousands of people are in turmoil over citizenship, leading to potential catastrophic shortages in the workforce.

How can we live in a society governed by such incompetence, arrogance, ignorance and egotistical greed? We are used to being misled in Scotland before referendums, be it by the right-wing press or Unionist scaremongering. Let’s make sure that next time we get the correct facts explained to us before deciding how and from where we should be governed. Surely the residents of Scotland deserve better than what is currently on offer at Westminster?

Sandy Coghill
Isle of Skye