THE Scotland subsample of YouGov's latest UK polling suggests a massive swing to the SNP.

The YouGov/Times research was carried out over January 13-14, and found a resounding lead in Scotland for the party which is currently the third largest at Westminster overall.

The results suggested that the SNP would receive 47% of the vote in Scotland.

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A small sample size means the figures are likely to be an outlier – but signal strong support amid Brexit chaos at Westminster.

It would be a huge swing to Nicola Sturgeon's party, having secured 36.9% in 2017's General Election.

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That was a fall of 13.1% from the 2014 vote share of 50% which resulted in a loss of 21 seats – but the SNP remained the biggest Scottish party with 35.

The poll places the Conservatives in second place in Scotland, trailing by 30 points, with a vote share of 24%. That would be a decrease on the 28.6% received in 2017.

Labour, meanwhile, are in third, with 14% of the vote. That would be a 13.1% drop in its share of the vote from 2017.

The LibDems are down on 8%, up very slightly on 6.8%.

Across the UK, the research found the Conservatives still comfortably ahead of Labour, despite Theresa May's struggles on Brexit.

Her party polled at 39%, with Jeremy Corbyn's Labour behind on 34%.