ONE sentence can analyse Brexit. Follow the money.

Plan. Con the public with lies. They vote, via a referendum which is not legally binding on government, to leave the EU. Sell strong pound within seconds of result, move monies out of UK, fast. The shorted pound plummets.

Wait. Buy gently at the bottom, not too heavy. Two years of jobs for the legal boys. Organise the prospect of a no deal. Pound starts to climb. Get ready, careful timing, and your account in a tax haven will soon be smiling.

Iain R Thomson

THE chance that there will be a “no deal” Brexit has undoubtedly increased. We must therefore now draw a line in the sand where, if we reach a date when no deal is agreed, then “no deal” must be the decision. Such a line in the sand could be January 29. We must not sleepwalk into such a situation on March 29.

My line in the sand would give businesses two months to prepare. Without this there would be major job losses.

Geoff Moore
Alness, Highland

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