THE humiliation of the withdrawal vote was titanic. The Tories and DUP were on the run, then out popped the “lone ranger” and Tonto (Corbyn/McDonnell) to save her the humiliation of grovelling to other parties and her own people.

What a political blunder by the Labour party to give oxygen to her ego by calling for a no-confidence vote.

There she stood after the biggest ever rejection vote, to laugh and actually look smug as she spoke about all the parties pulling together. Then to my utter amazement we hear of other parties going along to her office for preliminary talks, including to their shame the SNP. Again giving her oxygen to her saying she had productive talks when she should have resigned and gone home with her tail between her legs.

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Now Corbyn has played a blinder, saying no talks unless we have an agreement of “no deal being unacceptable” prior to talks. This enables Corbyn to be on the front foot where our own Mr Blackford should have been.

The Tory Prime Minister has no principles, or should I say she has an abundance of them and an attitude of “if you don’t like my principles then I can come up with many more”.

My main point is to my party and the independence movement that now is the time to say enough is enough. No more talks in the Westminster bubble – the majority of the Scottish people want leadership NOW, not the bide-your-time tactic.

Your people are hungry for action. They are intelligent, and aware of the risk aware of the biased media. Name a date for the referendum and watch the momentum go into orbit.

D Gill

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I AM coming to the view that indyref2 is a matter of urgency. Why are the SNP trying to save the British state? The so-called People’s Vote is a waste of our time – Scotland has already clearly voted to stay in the EU. The British state is in disarray and the SNP should be fighting for independence, not bailing out Westminster, which is the government of a foreign country. Bring our Scots MPs home a and take this opportunity now!

Brexit means Scottish independence, so let’s make haste before we are locked and stranded on an isolated island with the lifeboat of independence cut adrift. This is the time. I ask the SNP to show courage and leadership. They have a mandate, so no need for a foreign government’s Section 30. Form an independence partnership and call indyref 2.

John R Hosie

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ALTHOUGH the PM’s deal has been rejected, Tory and DUP MPs continue to support her administration. Mrs May has shown no intent to extend Article 50 and is not so far ruling out a no-deal outcome, despite the SNP and Labour calling for this as part of any cross-party consensus. With no obvious mechanism to broaden options, the meaningful vote will expire on March 29, when Scotland as part of the UK will leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement and with the ensuing uncertainty over its future political and economic aspirations uncharted.

Peter Gorrie

THE latest Westminster fiasco over Brexit again highlights the failure of a Parliament which can’t decide if it’s a functioning part of a (semi-) democratic state or a re-enactment society for the medieval ages.

We are now in 2019 and still have to wait 20 minutes or so for MPs to vote as they are squeezed through the voting lobbies rather than pressing a button to indicate their intention. Similarly we have MPs sitting on the steps next to the benches, others crowded around the doors and even some in the “strangers” gallery as there are simply not enough seats in the Museum of Westminster.

It is no wonder the UK Parliament can’t make up its mind about the future when it is clearly still operating in the past. It’s time for Scotland to move away from this antiquated sideshow and start running our own affairs.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

IN all the furore regarding pursuing a democratic decision taken in 2016, why did all but one of the Scottish Tory MPs not vote according to their constituents’ declared decision? Clearly they value party loyalty and self-interest before the constituents they are there to represent. Also clearly they think that their version or vision of democracy only works when it is their favour. And since 17 million voted in favour of Brexit at that time, what about the democratic interests of the 43-odd million who were either did not vote for it or were for various reasons disenfranchised?

Nick Cole
Meigle, Perthshire

A WEEK is a long time in politics, as is 24 hours as we have all seen this week. Brexit is such a serious issue for us all, and the country is being held to ransom by a paralysed Conservative government. While MPs fight like ferrets in a sack in a rather heated environment, the question must be put, how many of those very MPs have spared a thought for the plight of those in their constituencies currently suffering right now the consequences of benefit sanctions and the roll-out of Universal Credit? Or a thought for those who have daily care needs, housing needs and health needs? All matters that have profound effects on daily living for so many, yet I would suggest they have been totally disregarded while the Westminster government fight amongst themselves over Brexit.

They have had more than two years to secure a deal, two years when they have rolled out their ruthless and savage Universal Credit policies with devastating effects. Scotland’s vulnerable and needy in society deserve better, and staying in the Westminster partnership can never deliver as we have witnessed this week.

Catriona C Clark