The National:

WE regret to inform you that Willie Rennie is at it again. And no, we don't mean a ridiculous photo op.

The Yes movement has had a healthy debate on how backing the People's Vote impacts on a second independence referendum.

Unionist supporters of the People's Vote don't seem to have had that conversation, however, which results in some ridiculous statements.

Enter Scottish LibDem leader Willie Rennie.

As calls intensify for a second Scottish independence referendum as a result of Brexit, his Unionist side kicked in.

Rennie tweeted: "Nicola Sturgeon is threatening the prospect of another unwanted independence referendum when she should be focused on securing a people’s vote on Brexit. The SNP need to learn the lessons of Brexit. Breaking up is hard to do."

His following tweet was: "The Prime Minister scraped through last night's vote but the deal she put her name to is dead and she has all the authority of a Tunnocks teacake. Time for Conservatives and Labour to back a #PeoplesVote."

So, a People's Vote is absolutely critical, according to Rennie. The circumstances have changed, so it's right for voters to have another say.

Why doesn't Rennie think that applies to Scotland having a new referendum? We await his explanation. Meanwhile, it's probably a rather safe bet that he's afraid of losing.

Though if he values the European Union that much, Scottish independence may end up being his only hope.

The First Minister was among those to respond to Rennie's tweet.

Nicola Sturgeon wrote: "Second referendums after material changes in circumstances are fine, so long as they are the second referendums Willie Rennie wants...says Willie Rennie."

She was joined by plenty of other Twitter users in pointing out the hypocrisy:













Will the People's-Vote-backing Unionists ever learn?