Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, C4, 8pm

JAMIE Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s latest guest at their end-of-the-pier caff is none other than Stephen Fry, as the actor, comedian, writer and former QI host joins the duo for a cooking lesson and a trip down memory lane. Building on Stephen’s recollections of his childhood nanny, who, he says, made the most incredible apple pies with a rose top, Jamie creates the Essex version, as he jazzes up the traditional dessert dish.

On Bass – Tina Weymouth! BBC4, 9pm
TINA Weymouth of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club celebrates the role of the bass guitar in popular music. While bassists may not have always enjoyed the same romanticised status as lead guitarists, she looks at some of

the instrument’s leading practitioners, discovering how Paul McCartney, James Jamerson and Carol Kaye’s inspired bass lines underpinned The Beatles, Motown and the LA sound respectively in the 1960s.

The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts, BBC2, 9pm
USING original tools and techniques, the six 21st-century crafters are set to make from scratch a Victorian double bed and bed spread, a bedside clock and plaster-wall decoration in a week, all the while eating, working and living within the philosophies first outlined by the likes of John Ruskin and William Morris. Will their 1890s communal life help them to better understand the depth and scale of the arts and crafts movement, both as a power for artistic and social change?

Grantchester, STV, 9pm
WITH Violet gone, Sidney loses himself in drink. After a heavy whisky session leaves him without his jacket and little memory of the night before, he discovers to his horror that he was the last person to see a young woman alive. As he struggles to remember her final words, Geordie grows concerned – both for the murdered girl, so callously abandoned outside a local slum, and for his friend’s troubled state of mind. James Norton stars, with Robson Greene.