The National:

MHAIRI Black has done it again – delivering a fantastic, impassioned speech in the House of Commons debate on a motion of no-confidence in Theresa May's government.

In her three-minute speech, the SNP MP gives a powerful explanation of why the only thing she has confidence in is the wealth, talent and intellect of the people of Scotland.

Black criticises both the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition for their failings in this Brexit chaos.

We'd very much advise watching the video – her delivery is fantastic – but if you're not able to, here are some key parts.

Opening her speech, Black said: “Since we appear to be in a political twilight zone in this place, I feel the need to say a few home truths.

“I have never had confidence in this government whatsoever. Whether that be Brexit, whether that be social security, whether that be immigration or whether that be pensions.

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“This is a Prime Minister who knew what the outcome of the vote on this deal would be, so much so that she delayed it, then came back and acted like it was a surprise that it failed. All that happened was that she wasted a month.”

Moving on to Jeremy Corbyn, she said: "I can’t get my head around how [Jeremy Corbyn] has delayed calling for a vote of no confidence.

“All that’s happened is this lot has had another month in power. I find myself questioning his logic of going 'I’ll wait for the perfect moment' … I think we’ll find at the end of this debate that that moment has actually passed.”

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Black concluded: “The only thing that I have any confidence in, quite frankly, Mr Speaker, is the people of Scotland. The wealth of talent, the wealth of intellect, the wealth of compassion that we have to offer the world.

“I have no doubt that people in Scotland will be watching this entire farce back home and finding themselves reaching the conclusion that the only thing they can have confidence in is the ability of our country to look after ourselves a damn sight better than this place ever has.

“And if the Government and the Prime Minister is truly meaning that she wants to reach out for cross-party support, then a good start would be listening to the will of the second-largest nation of this United Kingdom and giving us the respect that we are due.”