MY fears for Theresa May’s state of mind were confirmed when I listened to her “farewell” speech yesterday. She has been under severe stress for a long time now, so no wonder. It was when she appealed to the House in Westminster, suggesting that the parties must come together to discuss the way forward.

Ought not someone remind her that we have been trying to bring that about for two whole years and that she has been the obstacle to achievement? Sorry Mrs May, but time has run out for you and someone else – or a coalition – must take charge of this dire situation.

As for her championing The People and their wishes, it is a mantra which carries no substance however many factories and small industries she visits. Is she delusional? It would appear so. Incapable? Yes. On the other hand our beleaguered FM, Ms Sturgeon, continues to show true leadership by responding to the crisis and going to Westminster immediately.

The Scottish MPs must appreciate her perspicacity and hands-on approach.

Janet Cunningham