The National:

THERESA May has suffered the biggest defeat in British parliamentary history. Her government is facing a vote of no confidence. As for the so-called opposition, Jeremy Corbyn remains determined to lead the UK over a Brexit cliff edge.

If the Tory and Labour leaders get their way, Scotland will be dragged out of the EU against its will.

The case for independence is “increasingly clear”, in the words of Nicola Sturgeon.

But it’s not just the SNP leader that’s seen the light.

Although the concept that Scotland could be better off if it is run from Edinburgh instead of London is hard for some humans to get to grips with, it seems pretty obvious to Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.

The cloud-based voice service, which allows users to control devices with voice commands, is so keen on the idea of an independent Scotland that it has already declared Sturgeon to be the president of an independent nation.

Such is Alexa’s passion for sovereignty being handed to the Scottish people, it has decided the nation should be a republic.

Putting the virtual assistant’s political leanings to the test was Twitter user Rob McDowall, who asked simply: “Alexa, who is the president of Scotland?”

Without hesitation came the reply: “The president of Scotland is Nicola Sturgeon.”

It has often been said that the greatest trait of the independence movement is optimism. Alexa, welcome aboard.