The National:

THE UK Government's contempt for Scotland's elected representatives is no great secret, but somehow, they still find new ways to shock. This time, it's courtesy of an extremely disrespectful David Mundell.

SNP MP Dr Philippa Whitford has a degree in medicine from Glasgow University, years of experience as a breast surgeon, helped to design accreditation standards in Scotland and worked across the world.

This makes her quite qualified to speak on matters of health, such as the NHS – an expert, even.

Try telling that to Scotland Secretary Mundell, who instead gave an unbelievable, rude answer to a question from Whitford. Mhairi Black has called him out for it too.

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At Scotland Questions in the House of Commons, Whitford asked: "Scrapping freedom of movement will make recruiting staff for NHS Scotland harder. And despite being paid the real living wage, lab technicians, admin staff and social care workers don't earn anywhere close to £30,000. So what did he do to try to convince the Home Secretary to take into account Scotland's needs?"

"Mr Speaker, I'm not going to take any lecturers from the Honourable Lady on Scotland's needs in relation to the NHS, from an SNP that has put up tax in Scotland so that doctors and nurses in Scotland pay more tax than in anywhere else in the UK."

The Scotland Secretary summed up all that is wrong with his party's politics.

"I'm not going to take any lecturers from the Honourable Lady on Scotland's needs in relation to the NHS."

Rather than stand up for Scotland's interests at Westminster, or even address a question on them, he waves away an MP's well-informed opinion because she's from a party he doesn't much like.

Scotland's NHS is at great risk from his government's Brexit, but he won't even acknowledge fears about that.

Whitford tweeted afterwards: "Yet again the Scottish Secretary doesn't answer my question on Scottish immigration but is just rude in response! Why does he NEVER #StandUpForScotland?"

Fellow SNP MP Mhairi Black summed it up well too: "At Scotland Question’s and @DavidMundellDCT has just said he won’t take any lectures from @Dr_PhilippaW about the NHS. She has 33 years experience as a breast cancer surgeon and has worked all over the world. Tories not listening to experts - any shock really?"

David Mundell's answer wasn't long, but it was incredibly revealing.