SUPPORT for a second referendum on Brexit has reached 60% UK-wide and nearly 68% in Scotland, according to new research.

A poll conducted ahead of last night’s vote by MPs on Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal put backing for a People’s Vote at 67.7% north of the Border – the highest figure in the country, although just ahead of London on 67.6%.

And even in the areas with the lowest support for a new referendum, the figure was above 50%. They were the south-west of England (55.1%), followed by the east of England (56%) and East Midlands (56.8%).

The research, carried out by the anti-Brexit campaign Best for Britain and anti-racism group Hope Not Hate, asked people across the country whether they would support a public vote in the event that Parliament is deadlocked.

It found a UK-wide consensus for a public vote, with Labour constituencies and voters leading the overall charge. All Labour constituencies at Westminster showed a majority in support of a public vote, and 189 Labour seats have more than 60% support.

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said at the weekend that he would prefer to see politicians reach an agreement with Brussels than to have a People’s Vote.

In Scotland, backing for a referendum climbed as high as 75% in Ian Murray’s Edinburgh South constituency and hit 72% and 69% in those of two of his Labour colleagues – Ged Killen’s Rutherglen and Hamilton West seat and Paul Sweeney’s Glasgow North East.

Best for Britain and Hope Not Hate were urging Labour MPs

to move swiftly to backing a public vote Murray said: “This research shows that the entire UK now supports a People’s Vote, with backing particularly strong in Labour seats and in Scotland. Let us have more democracy, not less.

“This issue goes much wider than the economy. It is about EU citizens; it is about our outlook to the world; it is about driving change in Europe; it is about taking our place in the world as a country that wants to work together with others.

“We cannot achieve what we want to achieve if we are an isolationist nation, so let us hand control back to the public in a people’s vote, which includes the option of the best deal – the one we already have as a member of the EU.”

Eloise Todd, head of Best for Britain, said: “Our research shows an overwhelming majority of UK voters from north and south, the Midlands, Wales and Scotland, are uniting around a public vote as our way out of this Brexit mess. It is the option people want.”

Hope Not Hate CEO Nick Lowles added: “MPs have had more than two years to sort out Brexit and it is becoming abundantly clear that there is not a majority for any one option.

“The British public now clearly believe they should make the final decision. They overwhelmingly want to take back control and there is nothing more democratic than that.”