AS the country reeled from a milestone defeat for the Tory government at Westminster, many were eagerly awaiting the response of the UK’s third largest contingent in Parliament.

The BBC's television coverage, however, missed Ian Blackford's speech as it switched back to presenter Andrew Neil.

The broadcaster cut back to the studio just as the Speaker of the House, John Bercow, called on SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford to speak.

The switch did not go unnoticed by viewers, many of whom were outraged. They were denied the chance to hear what the parliamentary leader for Scotland’s biggest party had to say about the historic defeat for the Government.

Viewers of Sky News also complained that Blackford's speech was ignored in favour of studio analysis. 

Sky or BBC viewers that managed to change the channel quickly enough may just have done so in time to hear Blackford propose that Article 50 be suspended as he called for a second referendum on Brexit.

However, the blackout on his speech sparked outrage on social media.

The National columnist Kevin McKenna summed up the thoughts on many Scottish viewers.

Indeed, McKenna was not alone in his interpretation of events.