AS we move into another year, I, at the age of 78, still harbour hopes that I will die in an independent Scotland. However I would like to offer a word of caution to those pushing for another independence referendum now.

Bide your time. Let Westminster do their thing, and be assured it won’t be in Scotland’s best interests. Wait until the people want a second referendum and we have a clear positive margin in the polls. Get the two things right which in my opinion were the major stumbling blocks last time: the currency situation and security of pensions. As for supporting the “People’s Vote” I say, why? A second vote that endorses Brexit puts us back where we are now; a result which results in a vote for staying in the EU vote negates one of the main justifications we have have for indyref2.

How much good are the Yes marches doing? Are we hardening the anti-independence lobby in their opposition to our cause? The cause for Scottish independence is just and will only be progressed by persuading those opposed to it by logical argument. Miss this time and it will be a generation before we get another chance.

Dr Jim Bruce