The National:

WE’VE had Theresa May around long enough now to know that we should be taking everything she says with a wedge of salt.

Earlier today in Parliament, and one day ahead of what looks like being an embarrassing defeat for her and her Brexit deal, the Prime Minister was questioned about her record on referendums.

Following on from May’s speech in which she attempted to rewrite her party’s historical attempts to scrap the Welsh Assembly, the Conservative Party leader was taken to task by Plaid Cymru leader at Westminster, Liz Saville Roberts.

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“In 1997 she voted against legislation to establish the National Assembly of Wales and in 2005 stood on a manifesto calling for another referendum with the option to overturn the result, Saville Roberts said of May.

“How does the Prime Minister square her personal track record on referendums with such commands?”

May started off well, stating that the Tories went into opposition in 1997. Correct, Theresa, you did.

But then in typical Maybot fashion she dodged the question, and threw in some bending of the truth while she was at it.

“We accepted the result of the referendum vote in Wales,” she added, as the opposition benches howled with laughter.

Even May struggled to keep the incongruous look off her face as she finished her answer.

Watch the clip below.