The Humpback Whale: Birth of a Giant, Channel 5, 7pm
IN crystal clear waters off the Pacific coast of Colombia, a newborn humpback whale draws its first breath. The mammal is already an impressive 16 feet long but the challenges ahead are even greater. Proving the BBC doesn’t have the monopoly on impressive nature documentaries, this standalone film follows the first few months as the young whale prepares for one of longest animal migrations on Earth, a 5000-mile journey south to the waters of Antarctica, where food is plentiful.

Love Your Home and Garden, STV, 8pm
ALAN Titchmarsh is back with his team of architects, builders and gardeners ready to take on what promises to be one of the most ambitious projects they have ever attempted. The gang are in Swindon, home to wheelchair users Nina and Steve Parry, and Nina’s two children. The family are currently struggling with their home’s layout – the neglected back garden can’t be seen from inside, which means the children are unable to play there. So, the team comes up with a radical plan to make the spaces work in harmony. Along the way, there’s advice on creating a great low maintenance garden.

My Million Pound Menu, BBC2, 8pm
THREE people who think their take on modern Asian dining will secure them the backing to open on the high street pitch to four of the industry’s leading investors. The restaurateurs have the opportunity to open in Manchester and the idea with the most investment potential will win them a two-day trial.

Pothole Wars, STV, 9pm
DOCUMENTARY looking at potholes, which cause rage, rows and roadworks, cost billions of pounds to repair and are responsible for injuring hundreds of people each year. The road network is being pushed to the limit and, for workers there, it can be like going into battle. Some councils say they’re at financial breaking point, struggling to cope with the problem.