IAN Blackford has called for MPs to “take control” of the House of Commons and ensure a no-deal Brexit is avoided.

The SNP’s Westminster leader spoke out ahead of a crunch vote tomorrow on the Withdrawal Agreement struck by the Prime Minister and European Union.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme, Blackford said Theresa May should not portray her deal as being the only route to avoiding leaving the EU without a deal in place

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He said: “I think everyone now knows that there is no such thing as a ‘good Brexit’, there’s no such thing as a ‘jobs-first Brexit’, as some have claimed. Under any scenario, people are going to be poorer, people are going to lose their jobs. As politicians, we’ve got a responsibility to have a conversation with everybody that we now know that Brexit is going to be painful.

“I would like the House of Commons now to take control because the Prime Minister has failed to give leadership. The Prime Minister’s got to stop threatening Parliament and indeed, threatening the whole of the United Kingdom, that it’s a choice between her deal and no deal – that’s not the case. There are other options that are open to us and Parliament has to make sure that it takes the necessary action to protect the interests of all of us."

The National:

The SNP, along with the LibDems and the Greens has indicated its support for holding another referendum on leaving the EU, a proposal also backed by several MPs from the Conservatives and Labour.

Blackford said that revoking Article 50, which sets a deadline of March 29 for the date of departure, and holding another referendum would be the most sensible option for moving forward.

“I think the sensible thing to do now is to put this back to the people, let’s have a People’s Vote,” he said.

“We’ll have a much more informed debate than was the case in 2016 – we had a slogan on the side of a bus – and I think it’s only right, now that we know what the consequences of Brexit will be, that we allow the people to determine what they want. That’s the right thing to do.

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“We’ve got to take responsibility, I think we’ve got to act in all our interests and that’s what we will be doing.

“The SNP will work with others to make sure that we can find a way through this."

The Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell has admitted that May’s Brexit deal is “not perfect”, but announced he will support it in tomorrow’s vote. May dramatically pulled the meaningful vote, due to take place on December 11, amid the likelihood of a heavy defeat. But there are doubts over whether the deal will receive enough votes to pass, with some Conservative MPs – including three Scottish Tory MPs – and the DUP refusing to back it.

Mundell said: “The Prime Minister’s deal is a product of tough negotiation. It will mean an orderly Brexit which takes us out of the Common Fisheries Policy, guarantees EU citizens’ rights, ensures the vital transition period that businesses need and lays the foundations for negotiating our long-term future trading relationship with the EU.

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"It brings certainty, and that’s what the people I speak to want. It is what business leaders across Scotland have been calling for.

“It also avoids the kind of chaos and confusion nationalists crave because they believe it would strengthen their demand for a second independence referendum. I do not claim it is perfect – but it does achieve key objectives.”

Scottish LibDems leader Willie Rennie said the Secretary of State should be “ashamed” of his position on Brexit.

Rennie said: “David Mundell’s proposal will damage the UK economy, according to the Treasury’s own analysis.

“The final decision is too important to be left to an utterly divided Conservative Party. That’s why it needs to be put to a People’s Vote across the UK.

“David Mundell’s position is the exact opposite of what his constituents voted for and he should be ashamed how feeble he is.”

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