KEVIN McKenna’s comments on women’s football (Brexit has let the far-right genie out of the bottle, January 9) suggests that he is not actually familiar with Scottish football as a whole.

He says he has never seen a Scottish football executive “who couldn’t be described as affluent and ‘well looked after’”.

He has obviously had very limited contact with clubs outside the upper echelon. Most Scottish professional clubs are run by people who must work for a living.

He seems to think the SFA should fund more full-time female players “all across Scotland”. It’s not the SFA’s responsibility to pay players’ wages and, in fact, more than half of the clubs in the SPFL are part-time. Should the SFA/SPFL fund more full-time players? If so, which clubs?

As McKenna says, it is one of the SFA’s roles to foster football for all. The best way to do this is to invest in facilities for community football – for males, females and disabled players. Community football is in danger of becoming a middle-class reserve due to the rising cost of hiring facilities.

Douglas Morton