KEVIN McKenna’s column refers to the far right genie (Brexit has let the far-right genie out of the bottle, January 9). I would suggest a case other than immigration could be made in support of Brexit even if that issue might have carried the day. We are led to believe previous non voters perhaps turned off by the first past the post electoral system and, or politicians failure to prioritise housing and employment rights, took the opportunity to cast a meaningful vote.

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Corbyn’s Labour party is making a case for a significant policy shift to the left, a term whose origins lie in eighteenth century France. The yellow vests might have inspired some empathy with Brexiters here but it would simply not be possible under the UK electoral system for a political leader to form a new political party and become leader of state in a single electoral campaign as Macron achieved in France. Socialism is a concept which is at odds with traditional UK patronage and much of the supporting media to ensure anything other than very limited success in the future, regardless of Brexit.

Peter Gorrie