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THE Tory Brexit shambles rolls on and on, only growing more chaotic by the day – and SNP MP Pete Wishart savaged the UK Government on that fact.

Speaking during a debate on Theresa May's deal, he responded to Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

Wishart said: "That was a bravura performance by the secretary of state. Such a comedy turn – and you referenced Tommy Cooper, but I think it was more Frank Carson, because it’s the way he tells them.

“The one line I enjoyed best out of all of this, and it was the way he told it: ‘The EU will look on enviously at the UK with this Brexit'.

“You could almost hear the shrieks of laughter coming across the North Sea and the English Channel as they observe the plight of this pitiful nation.

"It is not the fact that they’re envious of this, they’re actually feeling sorry for us that we’ve ended up in this pitiful state, and if any of them are even thinking of following the example of the United Kingdom they will look at this chaotic government and think 'never in a million years will we do this'."

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Gove couldn't even keep a straight face. It was painfully obvious he knew the truth of what was being said.

The National:

Pictured: Michael Gove as Wishart said Europe would be laughing

The SNP MP said it was even more gutting given that his country had voted to remain in the EU.

Wishart also explained just how vile the Tory proposal was: “Can I say, Mr Speaker, I loathe their Brexit. I loathe it totally and utterly. From the self-defeating, isolating ugliness of the whole project, to the all-consuming chaotic cluelessness, to the disgusting way that they’re treating the 3.6 million EU nationals that are amongst our friends, colleagues and family members. I despair at what they are doing.

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“The only reason they tell us we should be supporting this paltry document is because it’s better than a no-deal. Mr Speaker, my big toe is better than a no deal. My broken finger is better than a no deal. But I’m not asking the house to support either of these personal artefacts."

The speech is well-worth watching in full when you have time – and it's been getting its share of praise on social media.

Wishart had a busy day, however – he also explained why this felt like "the end of Tory days" at Business Questions.

That was shorter – but still cutting.

Here's what he said: "Yesterday was truly appalling and embarrassing. For the second business week in a row the government benches were reduced to nothing more than a braying mob finding conspiracy in car stickers, and once again we find the leader of the house centre stage as the principal cheerleader egging her colleagues on in this unedifying spectacle.

"This has to stop, Mr Speaker, and the Conservatives must start to respect the authority of the house and the authority of your office, because this is appalling, utterly appalling hypocrisy.

"This is a government that has done its level best to curtail debate, to withhold information from this house, and even had the courts compel them to allow us to have a vote on leaving the European Union – and it was only successive votes in this house that got them to reveal vital information about their Brexit deal. It’s a government that has been found in contempt of parliament. It is absolutely right that they are stopped.

"And do you know what Mr Speaker? It’s called taking back control – a concept that might be a little bit familiar to them. This house must have its collective view known, and you, Mr Speaker, are to be commended in ensuring that the view of this house will always come first.

"And the government better get used to it, because parliament is increasingly asserting itself as this chaotic government continues to spectacularly collapse. It will be this house and the membership of this house that will pick up the slack. If this government wants government versus parliament it will be on the losing side because we are now in the majority .

"Now, Mr Speaker, there’s no business scheduled for a week on Monday, and that’s the day that this government is now obliged to come back with its alternative to the Prime Minister’s deal. Will the leader of the house confirm today that that’s exactly what they will do – they will come back and explain the options, and is she now actively considering what these options are?

"But Mr Speaker, it feels a little bit like the end of Tory days. It’s unusual for a country to witness the collapse of a government in such a chaotic and spectacularly shambolic style. So therefore, maybe we could have a debate, or perhaps we could call it a vote of confidence, so that this country could be shot of this chaotic government once and for all."

There's certainly one way Scotland could be shot of this Tory government.