The National:

THERE'S a moose, loose in Holyrood hoose!

MSPs had an unwelcome guest during an debate on education at the Scottish Parliament.

A rogue rodent was caught on camera running across the room as Labour MSP Johann Lamont was speaking to the Education Commitee.

The video showed the rogue rodent attempting to scale a wall as school testing was discussed.

Scottish LibDem MSP Liam McArthur, whose party spotted the mouse and uploaded a clip on Twitter, said: “It’s time for Holyrood bosses to clamp down on rogue rodents.

“Mickey and co need to find a new home,” he joked.

The sighting comes more than four years after officials rejected calls for a Scottish Parliament cat despite fears of a mouse infestation.

Bosses rejected pleas for a dedicated mouser in 2013, citing concerns over security doors and “cruelty to a resident cat who would not be allowed out of the building” – as well as MSPs with allergies.

Perhaps Larry, the Downing Street cat, could help catch the Holyrood mouse?