THERE were ugly scenes in Westminster yesterday, with far-right, pro-Brexit protesters shouting down a Remain backing Tory MP and calling her “Nazi”.

Anna Soubry, who has become one of the most prominent critics of

Brexit, was heckled during live interviews with the BBC and Sky News.

More menacingly, on her way into the Parliament building, the MP was surrounded by some of the pro-Brexit supporters outside Westminster, who have recently taken to wearing hi-viz yellow vests in a bid to emulate the French Gilets Jaunes protesters.

They shouted loudly in her face. One government minister said the episode brought back memories of Jo Cox, the Labour MP killed by a far-right, pro-Brexit protester just days before the EU referendum.

During the interview, as one protester shouted, “Soubry is a Nazi,” the MP told her BBC interviewer Simon McCoy: “I do object to being called a Nazi, actually.

“I just think this is astonishing, this is what has happened to our country.

“But let’s try and move on and be positive about things.”

Protestors also chanted slogans including “liar, liar” throughout a live interview by the MP on Sky News.

Soubry told interviewer Kay Burley: “I don’t have a problem with people demonstrating and making their views heard. I have a real problem with people who call me a traitor or ‘Soubry, you Nazi’. That is a criminal offence and I’m a criminal barrister.”

Soubry said the incident was “seriously worrying”, adding: “I’m afraid the truth is that Brexit has unleashed these people. This is Britain now. This is not the country I know and love and these people do not represent our country and they need sorting out.”

She added: “I’m told that we should get used to it, but we shouldn’t have to. Apparently it’s democracy in action and the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] believe that no offences are being committed.”

Earlier on Monday, the Guardian columnist Owen Jones shared video on Twitter showing him being accosted by a group outside Parliament, including men wearing Union Jacks.

They could be heard calling him a “traitor” and a “horrible little

man” and accusing him of writing “fake news”.

The vitriol and the attacks was condemned by politicians from all parties.

Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “This is appalling – as is footage today of Owen Jones facing a similar experience.

“We all have a duty to stand against this kind of behaviour. Robust debate is the hallmark of any democracy – but so too is decency, civility and respect for those holding different opinions,” she added.