THE SNP seem to be waiting on everyone other than themselves to create a situation that may, possibly, magic Scotland to independence. Whereas in 2014 Alex Salmond raised the Yes vote from 25% to 45% by drive and determination.

The current leadership seem to be waiting on the polls rising to 70% without actually doing anything to encourage independence support. The polls have only improved by 2-3% under the current leadership despite the absolute chaos and disrespect shown by the Westminster government and the media.

It is high time the current SNP leadership started fighting for Scotland before it is too late. I do believe there is only a matter of days remaining before it’s too late. We are all waiting on your lead SNP!

Charles Maitland
Westhill, Aberdeenshire

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IF Scotland doesn’t get out this corrupt UK by the end of March I won’t be voting SNP again. The whole of point of nationalism is self-rule. Scotland had no voice or say on the poll tax, Trident or austerity, and has been totally disregarded over Brexit. Why should we save a union that has plundered Scotland’s wealth for hundreds of years?

Stevie, Motherwell
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