The National:

THE Prime Minister's trip to Liverpool to announce her long-term NHS plan started well as booing crowds welcomed her to Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

Theresa May, who is announcing her delayed NHS plan just a week before her delayed Brexit vote takes place, was greeted by demonstrators lining the pavements, waving EU flags and booing.

Others chanted "Theresa May, go away" as her several-vehicle motorcade passed the group.

In 2016, Liverpool voted to stay in the EU by 58.2% and last year hosted a 5000-strong demonstration in favour of a People's Vote. 

But today wasn't May's first time receiving such a greeting in the city — in June 2017, she was heckled and subject to chants of "shame on you" after a walk on the waterfront.

And this is the strong and stable woman who is going to unite us all before March 29?

Twitter users responded to the video, congratulating the people of Liverpool. 

And the Scousers didn't let the PM away without a proper goodbye.

Demonstrators were still outside the hospital a couple of hours later, complete with chants of "out, out, out".