THE SNP has a prime focus of independence and contains many politicians and members with a range of leanings from left to right. This allows those who oppose independence to fuel long-held hatreds based on “party” or “personality”.

Of those who oppose independence for “party” reasons, they berate the SNP using tags like “Tartan Tories”. Others cite their dislike of personalities such as Nicola Sturgeon or Alex Salmond.

Shouldn’t the SNP inform people that, once independent, our Scottish parties and politicians would “settle” within, or create, new parties or alliances more suited to their political leanings? Or that, once independent, the SNP would dissolve and re-constitute under a different name?

Wouldn’t that information help those with the above objections and allow them to grasp at an independent future?

Party strategists have probably previously thought of it, but in case not ... wouldn’t it be a good message to get out? Wouldn’t it help bring on side, those who are “dug-in” by Labour or Tory convictions?

Henry McMillan