IT is always good to start the year with a good story. A recent announcement from Saracens Rugby Club caught my eye.

A well-known name in rugby circles, the London-based English Premiership side have teamed up with the Hertfordshire Mavericks, who play in the Vitality Netball League in what they term a “mutually beneficial partnership” that will help fuel the next phase of growth for both organisations.

Saracens have acquired a 50% stake in the netball club, who will now be known as Saracens Mavericks. It will definitely be worth watching how this develops as I think it is the way forward. While the two sports are completely different, training for any elite athlete has certain complementary aspects and the sharing of resources seems to me a smart move.

Away from the good news, we probably all read over the festive period that sugar intake for a young adult has hit an all-time high, with most 10-year-olds consuming an average of 52.2 grammes a day where the recommended level is between 20-24g.

The question we have to ask is who is allowing these children to eat all this sugar. This is a trend that needs to be changed and quickly, before these bad habits become too difficult to break.

Why do we think that we are delivering a “treat” when we give children sweet things? Let’s re-define the meaning of treat and get our nation into a happy and healthy place and our children set-up for a healthy future.

Studies have shown a change in diet and an active lifestyle can help to reverse type 2 diabetes but let’s be honest, wouldn’t we rather prevent it in the first place? And this is before we even think about the damage to our teeth.

If you haven’t already made a new year resolution to cut your sugar intake, there’s still time to do so.

I believe moderation in everything and finding healthy alternatives and different treats is the way forward.