The National:

WE don't doubt that Universal Pictures had the best of intentions with this Twitter campaign ... but it has backfired quite spectacularly.

The Women For Women humanitarian organisation helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives, and celebrates sisterhood as part of that.

That is a very worthy cause, and one any of us would be keen to promote.

However, film giant Universal's marketing team didn't quite think through its own efforts to that end, it seems.

They've been busy promoting the new Mary Queen Of Scots film, which will be released on January 18.

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Now, as part of that, they're asking people to tell them "what sisterhood means to you" ... alongside a picture of Mary and Elizabeth I.

We suspect many of our readers will be aware of the fact that the duo had a somewhat frayed relationship.

It culminated in the beheading of the Queen of Scots, so there's a limited amount of "sisterhood" to celebrate, it'd probably be fair to say. 

The Twitter campaign isn't going as planned, for that reason.










It should be said, it seems likely the movie will go into the more positive parts of their relationship – and into the people interfering with it.

Without that context though, it's another cautionary tale about taking extra care on social media...