The National:

The stooshie over the Queen's golden piano continues to rage on - but one unlucky troll has just taken it too far...

Twitter user @CarsonsCat jumped at the chance to make what he must have assumed was a clever point by turning the tables on the First Minister for Scotland.

He wrote: "Well this is awkward. The First Minister of Scotland stages her Christmas photocall at Bute House, but forgets to remove the gold mirrors and gilded picture frames. So out of touch with the common person."

Except... Nicola Sturgeon doesn't own Bute House. She also doesn't live there simply because it was her birth-right.

Sure, the temporary home of any elected world leader is bound to contain expensive trinkets, and we can argue about the fairness of that all day ... but the situation doesn't even begin to compare to the vast inherited wealth of a royal family whose only claim to such privilege is their bloodline.

The Jouker feels that this Twitter user may have missed the point somewhat... as did Tory MSP Murdo Fraser who, to absolutely nobody's surprise, was quick to retweet it.

In the words of Carson's Cat, "Well this is awkward".