The National:

SCOTTISH Tory MP Colin Clark's nickname of "Flash of Gordon" is one he seems keen to live up to – even though it isn't meant as a compliment.

The Gordon MP is facing some harsh criticism today, after the Scottish Sun revealed that he had claimed expenses for a sympathy card.

Universal Credit is devastating families across Scotland this Christmas, courtesy of the vile Tory austerity, so it's quite the time to find out Clark had decided to charge the taxpayer to express his condolences to a constituent.

"In error", he failed to fork out the £2.35 it cost to purchase the card, despite that being the convention for MPs buying them ever since the expenses scandal.

An SNP source told the paper: “Colin Clark is all flash, but no class.

"He’s got the big house, big car and big ego — but lacks even a little bit of self-awareness.

“Charging the taxpayer for a condolence card is pretty low and shows him up for the contemptible so-and-so that he is.”

He certainly has the big car. Clark's 4x4 has massive stickers on the side featuring the Commons logo and "Colin Clark MP".

The claim was made in April 2018, and Clark has insisted this all just a big mistake.

He explained: "This was an error. The £2.35 will be repaid."

It was certainly an error to get caught.

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If you're not too familiar with Clark, he's the Tory MP who unseated Alex Salmond at the 2017 General Election.

He's a member of Jacob Rees-Mogg's ultra-Brexiteer European Research Group.

However, Clark supported Theresa May as Tory leader in her no-confidence vote. He revealed this via Twitter, but isn't a frequent user of the social media site.

A pity – perhaps he could use it to ask for advice on following parliamentary convention.

Or he could try to find the common sense not to claim £2.35 to buy a condolence card...