The National:

SNP MP Pete Wishart suffered quite the case of mistaken identity at the hands of the BBC yesterday.

Wishart was at the BBC in London, which meant he needed to collect a visitor pass. Security is important, of course.

He received a slight surprise when he picked it up.

The photograph of "Pete Wishart" was, in fact, the Conservative MP for Grantham and Stamford, Nick Boles.

Wishart tweeted: "At the BBC today and got this as my pass. Don’t know who should be more offended me or ⁦⁦@NickBoles⁩".

Below we've included a photograph of each.

The National:

The National:

Top is Pete Wishart, and below is Nick Boles. An easy mistake...?

Boles has been in the news of late, to be fair, so perhaps that's one possible reason for their confusion.

On Twitter earlier this week, he threatened to resign from the party if the government were to announce that they were seeking a no-deal Brexit.

While Wishart is also opposed to a no-deal Brexit, we suspect this isn't the reason for the mix-up, given their ideological differences otherwise.

Are there any other lookalike pairs of UK politicians? It might be worth giving the BBC a heads up if so...